VLT Training

Boots 2 Loans

The Boots to Loans Program (B2L) is a program for transitioning Servicemembers and Military Veterans  aspiring to enter the Mortgage industry. It is a 5 module program that prepares  them for a successful sales career on The Veteran Lending Team as a Loan Officer, and  future mortgage industry leader.

Introduction and Week 1 Assignment 1

Overview of The Industry and The Market

Week 2 Assignment 2: VA Guide Ch 4-6

Week 4 Assignment 4: VA Guide Ch 10-12

Week 5 Assignment 5: VA Guide Ch 13-15

Role Play Training #2 - Delivering Bad News/Rate Shoppers

Week 6 Assignment 6: VA Guide Ch 16-18

Role Play Training #3 - Initial Disclosures/CD

Recap Day

Final Day

Role Play Training #4 - Referral Partners

Role Play Training #5

Enrolled: 5819 students
Lectures: 136
Level: Beginner